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I'll Probably Go to Hell for This by Kialish
I'll Probably Go to Hell for This
So yeah I drew this. Not much reasoning behind it aside from the fact im 900% sure a Demon wouldn't let a couple of kids ruin his plans without some form of lash back...

Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch
Art (c) me/Kialish/CoiledDragon
Gravity Falls sketchdump by Kialish
Gravity Falls sketchdump
HEY ALL so I ended up starting to watch Gravity Falls (and watching all of it and now am on PINS AND NEEDLES FOR JULY 13TH TO ROLL AROUND) and fell in love with Bill Cipher. But, I saw this happening from a few miles away :,) Anywho, have some aged up Pine Twins and my Human Bill + Bills in a sweater. 

Bill in sweaters in ANY FORM is my fetish 

Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch
art here (c) Kialish/CoiledDragon
Dilopho-Kia by Kialish
So my pals all started making Dino-sonas and of COURSE I had to join in on the fun! Featuring my favorite dinosaur, the impeccable Dilophosaurus (with feathering included!). Dilophosaurus aren't confirmed for feathers, but it is possible they had light fuzzy feathering. I went a little bit more than that with a shaggy coat similar to an emu. And of course, she has a pretty and flashy crest! 

No, she doesnt have a neck frill, and no she doesnt spit venom. Get that JP stuff outta here ty. She IS nearly 2 meters tall and 6 meters long so if youre gonna run you better start ;P

DiloKia (c) Kialish
Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, Im crawling out of my art block and depression and have been drawing in ferver again! and, although my queue isn't empty, I have a few people taking their time on getting back to me, plus I'm so pumped to be DRAWING again that I'm opening up commissions. But, not for the sake of Kia getting money, no, but for a very special someone who will be moving in with her in a month:

This is Udon my soon to be pet snake! I gave the breeder my word that I would buy him around the beginning of May, and I intend to keep my word! However, despite the fact that me and Aizu are living great together and havent missed a billing cycle, theres one problem D: We are making it just exactly. We have barely any wiggle room :C And I need to make sure I can set up a sustainable habitat for this lil guy once I get him!

I know some of you may be thinking "If you guys are just getting by then how come you're buying a creature that needs food that you will need to supply?" The answer is simple! I know a local snake food supplier, not even an hour away frm me, so I wont have to deal with those pesky shipping costs that plague some owners. That, and once I have everything I need, snakes are relatively cheap to upkeep!

Now I have a ROUGH idea of how much money I'll need, and all the supplies I do need, so I'll list it all here:

* Sterilite Tub - already bought!
*Aspen pet bedding - 12$ (for a MASSIVE bag too, it'll last a while)
*Heading Pad - 35$ (for under the tank of course! Snakes absorb heat through their bellies, so heating lamps aren't as good for them)
*A few hides - 3-17$ Depending on size
*A shelf/rack for the tub - 39$ (mostly so I can keep the snake away from prying kitten eyes and claws D:  )
*Temperature and Humidity gauges - 10$
*A waterbowl - 2-5$
*A Thermostat - 35$
*The Noodle himself! 75$

So the total comes to about 250$ of stuff that I need within the month! And thats where you come in! I only have enough money to spare a few dollars here and there, since Im stuck between student loan debt, and credit cards, on top of rent and bills that are shared with my boyfriend. All my prices can be found Hereand I can guarantee that every dollar raised with this new batch of commissions will be put right towards this goal!

I will have as many slots as it takes to reach this goal, and I'll do my best to work as quickly as I can, and if you cant afford a commission, I totally accept a donation!

My Paypal is

If you want to be a part of this, please send me a Note and we can get the ball rolling!

0$/200$ Raised!
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Kialish's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there, I'm an art student who has just gotten her Associates in Painting/Illustration from LCCC in Nanticoke, PA! Commissions are almost always open, so don't be afraid to shoot an ask!

Name: Jordanna
Username: Kialish
Nicknames: Jo, Jordi, Kia

Age: 21
Gender: Female

Things I draw: Dragons, pokemon, weres or anthros, wolves, most any other animals, occasional Fanart

Things I write: Fantasy stories (dragons, mythical creatures) Supernatural stories (vampires/ghosts etc) Various Poetry

Preferred Tools of the Trade: {Traditional} Pencil, Paper, eraser; {Digital} Laptop, Bamboo Fun tablet, PaintTool SAI


Traditional: 10$
Digital: 10$

Traditional: 5$
Digital: 5$


Traditional: 18$
Digital: 15$

Traditional: 12$
Digital: 10$

Flat Colors

Digital only: 25$

Digital only: 15$

Detailed Colors

Traditional: 35$
Digital: 30$

Traditional: 25$
Digital: 20$

Pixels/Pixel Icons

Animated: 4$
Not animated: 2$

Sizes: 50x50, 100x100

Ref Sheets

Digital Ref sheet;; Lineart with flat color and text: 60-100$

NOTE: Price may range depending on complexity of the character or how much detail the commissioner wishes the piece of have

Prices in some cases may be changed.

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LilShock Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Creature exchange for Kialish

I got you in the Creature-Exchange this month! I hope you like it!
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Thanks for the watch, darlin! :hug:
Kialish Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
asdfhdhg no problem ;A;! I absolutely fell in love with your adorable comics and art!
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Hey bb!
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Thanks so much for your kind :+fav:! :la: I really appreciate the support! :love:
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Kialish Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
No problem!! I look forward to challenging you in the IPL sometime ^^
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I am so up for that! :la: I'm actually in the process of moving out, so I'm a little busy atm; but I'll hopefully be comfortably moved in to my new place by the 16th? c: So I'd totally be up for a battle after then! What kinda format were you thinking? :D
Kialish Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Just tell me when you're good and we can go from there ^^ I have 2-4 days off most weeks which is =usually= enough to do a Splash battle. Thats what I regularly do (not great with sequential art >>; )
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Aquaria-Moon Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist
Thank you for the favorite! It's greatly appreciated :3
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