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The Monster Makers - Fribbit by Kialish
The Monster Makers - Fribbit
I finally FINALLY finished my familiar for the Monster Makers club!! This is a mix between a red eyed tree frog and a peregrine falcon :D His name is Fribbit and he is a constant annoyance to his handler who I am working on right now <3

Art/Character (c) Jordanna Cooke
Garchomp by Kialish
Started this as a sketch about a month ago and decided tonight to finish it up! Don't ask me where the light is coming from because I don't think I was paying attention as I shaded ;; but it still came out cool!

Art (c) Jordanna Cooke
Garchomp (c) Nintendo
Creature Exchange - October by Kialish
Creature Exchange - October
Huzzah another month and another creature design I wish I didn't have to give away! My prompt this time was very interesting and gave me a challenge of what and how to design this lovely creature! This is for DA User Billipy who had the following prompt:

Feral/Anthro/Humanoid?: Anthro or Feral

Do you have a gender preference?: No preference, but androgyny is appreciated!

Theme(s) you'd like to see in your design: Something that looks like it would belong in a swamp

Animals/features you'd like the design to be based on: A mixture of avian features and fish features. I'm especially thinking chickens, ostriches, flamingos, but whatever works! As well, something with a rather large mouth/neck would be neat to see.

Additional features or clothing/accessories you like: N/A

Colors or palettes you like: Red & Blue; Red & White; Brown & Green & Blue; Brown & Pink & Orange

Things you do NOT want to see on the design: Absolutely nothing mechanical or too magic-y. Keep it as organic as possible.

Any other details or comments: Have fun with it! Consider my specifications as a guideline and not as harsh rules; if you think something would make it look better that I haven't touched on, feel free to throw it in! If you made something like a big fluffy dingo with eight legs but with one of the colour schemes I mentioned, I'd still be content (just as an example). I trust your judgment!

I may not have fully attained what the prompt intended but Im hoping Billipy likes it ;o;

These fish birds live in swamps in small colonies. They often adorn themselves in moss and vine to disguise their colors as they hunt, and are adapted to swim and walk on land (although excel in the water). They can craft crude spears and weapons and are at a basic 'tribal' stage in their life. Other variations exist, such as seagull-salmon mixes, and heron-pike mixes, and each live in various corners of the world. These creatures live nearly anywhere!

Creature (c) :iconbillipy:
Art (c) Jordanna Cooke
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that my Morvendi adopts are still available! None of them have been taken just yet, and they all need a new home :) They're on sale until the end of October, and they are all unique morvendi types you won't see again the same way!

Halloween Morvendi Adoptables by Kialish

Please check em out!!
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Kialish's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there, I'm an art student who has just gotten her Associates in Painting/Illustration from LCCC in Nanticoke, PA! Commissions are almost always open, so don't be afraid to shoot an ask!

Name: Jordanna
Username: Kialish
Nicknames: Jo, Jordi, Kia

Age: 21
Gender: Female

Things I draw: Dragons, pokemon, weres or anthros, wolves, most any other animals, occasional Fanart

Things I write: Fantasy stories (dragons, mythical creatures) Supernatural stories (vampires/ghosts etc) Various Poetry

Preferred Tools of the Trade: {Traditional} Pencil, Paper, eraser; {Digital} Laptop, Bamboo Fun tablet, PaintTool SAI


Traditional: 10$
Digital: 10$

Traditional: 5$
Digital: 5$


Traditional: 18$
Digital: 15$

Traditional: 12$
Digital: 10$

Flat Colors

Digital only: 25$

Digital only: 15$

Detailed Colors

Traditional: 35$
Digital: 30$

Traditional: 25$
Digital: 20$

Pixels/Pixel Icons

Animated: 4$
Not animated: 2$

Sizes: 50x50, 100x100

Ref Sheets

Digital Ref sheet;; Lineart with flat color and text: 60-100$

NOTE: Price may range depending on complexity of the character or how much detail the commissioner wishes the piece of have

Prices in some cases may be changed.

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Creature exchange for Kialish

I got you in the Creature-Exchange this month! I hope you like it!
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Kialish Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Just tell me when you're good and we can go from there ^^ I have 2-4 days off most weeks which is =usually= enough to do a Splash battle. Thats what I regularly do (not great with sequential art >>; )
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